Alan Javurek, Phd

Alan Javurek, PhD



My psychoanalytic work as both analyst and patient continues to surprise me with how mysteriously transformative a therapeutic relationship can be when both can hang in there with some semblance of curiosity, honesty, and faith.


Professional Training and Experience

Alan Javurek, PhD / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing psychotherapy in Encinitas, California

My training in contemporary psychotherapy and psychoanalysis has spanned over 30 years. I've gained experience from courses at several institutes and received supervision from mentors who represent a variety of theories. I was formally trained at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California in San Francisco where I I have been certified as a psychoanalyst through the International Psychoanalytic Association. However, the most crucial aspect of my training was my experience “in the trenches” as a patient myself.

One of the first “truths” I learned as a budding therapist was I had to walk the walk if I expected to confront anyone else's pain. After 30 years, I can honestly say: I know this in my bones.


Values That Guide My Work

For me, what matters most is building a hard-working honest and trusting relationship between patient and therapist. It’s the crucial component of long term healing and the freedom that comes with it. It’s a slow process; sometimes faith weakens. However, once change happens it continues long after our work together has ended. 

Since we will be on this journey together, we need to be a good fit. If for any reason we’re not, I will do my best to find someone who is.