Alan Javurek, PhD


Depression and Anxiety

Everybody deals with anxiety and levels of depression at some point, right? These states of mind become part of the world we live in. For some, there's too much on their plate too often. We become a part of the fast-paced way of life in order to get some kind of twisted reward.  

Eventually it gets to be too damned much. We lash out, get busier, withdraw, check out or find temporary relief in food, alcohol or other addictive stimulation like pornography or overspending. We secretly worry about just how self-destructive and deadened we really are. 

In my experience, many people who come to see me reach a breaking-point when they realize how they are hurting others — and it's what leads them to call me.


If we live in a deadened and half-lived life-space for too long, it becomes like living and breathing in a toxic environment hardly knowing there’s anything wrong. Sadly, we also lose contact with who and what really matters to us as well as the energy to care.